Add-on sensors, etc

$1.00 to $11.00

See descriptions below


These accessories can only be added to orders for the SkyPod Kit, Nano Logger Kit, or Mini Pearl Logger Kit (no shipping costs are included here). If you have ordered those kits, add as many of these to your order as you wish (add them to your cart one at a time). 

Most of the sensors below are I2C sensors and each includes a 10 cm four wire cable with DuPont connectors for easy attachment to the Nano Logger. Male headers are already soldered to each sensor. The DS18B20 is a one wire sensor.


(photos of sensor reverse sides are in gallery above)

BMP280:  $3.50  I2C sensor for barometric pressure and temperature (no humidity). One of these is included with the SkyPod Kit and Nano Logger Kit. 3.3 volt operation only (power from the 3V3 pin on the Nano Data Logger). Tutorial for similar module. Research notes.


MLX-90615:  $11.00  I2C thermal infrared sensor. Measures the infrared (heat) radiation of nearby objects. Records temperatures between -40 and +115°C. Either 3.3 volt or 5 volt operation. Tutorial for similar sensor. Research notes. Research notes for the similar GY-90614.


nanolog_20170509-8811.jpgMMA-8451:  $10.00  I2C 3-axis accelerometer.  



sensors_20170729-0198.jpgDS18B20 2m:  $4.50  1-wire temperature sensor. Cable is 2m (78") long. Waterproof and ready for outdoor use. Includes a resistor which must be included in the circuit. Either 3.3 volt or 5 volt operation. Getting started info. Research notes.


sensors_20170729-0235ps.jpgUART adapter cable: $3.50  FTDI FT232RL USB to TTL Serial Converter Adapter. The Arduino Pro Mini does not have a USB port, so a device like this is needed to load programs onto the Pro Mini. Set jumper to 3.3V for use with the Pro Mini. A 6-wire Dupont cable is included to connect the pins on the Pro Mini with the FTDI adapter pins. A USB cable is included to connect the adapter to your computer. Either 3.3v or 5v operation via jumper.

Nanolog_20170509-8772.JPGDuPont wires: $3.00  Three 20cm four-wire cables with individual female DuPont connectors on each wire. Colors vary.