What is the KAPtery?

3D printing is a pretty good way to make a custom bracket to securely hold a camera suspended from a kite or balloon line. In 2013 I started designing parts and printing prototypes for simple kite aerial photography (KAP) rigs. I have designed and printed parts from about 100 different interim models, and the KAPtery offers kits with parts from the most recent and refined models. Other gear for kite and balloon aerial photography and infrared plant analysis photography is also available. 

My rig designs are open source (CERN OHL 1.1) and freely available. You can download the stl files from Thingiverse, and with access to a 3D printer you can make your own parts.

Second KAP outingSalisbury KAP outing

2011   Took my first photo from a kite lofted camera


2012    Designed and built a kite aerial photography rig.


2013    Made my first CAD model for producing a kite aerial photography rig on a 3D printer.


2014    Created open source designs of kite aerial photography rigs and sold two dozen printed rigs.

2015    Launched KAPtery.com to better distribute open source models and market 3D printed rig kits and ready-to-fly rigs.



  Maybe this year I will take my best KAP photos ever. I hope you do too.

                                                                                          Chris Fastie